Forex & Futures Trading

There are some people who actually trade, make money, and still sell systems or teach because they want to add more money to their trading accounts. Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of them. However the vast majority of people out there purporting to have the next “secret ultra trading method” are really just scammers trying to get your money.

So, what makes me one of the good guys you ask?

I’ve been trading various markets off and on since 1979. I started trading gold in New York, eventually moved to trading financial futures, and have traded stocks and options as well.

In 2010 I started coaching when a friend asked me if I would help him out. He had become interested in the Forex (currecncy trading) market but wasn’t having much luck getting it figured out to where he could make any money.  He had searched the internet and found several free educational sources as well as those that cost money, but couldn’t quite pull it together into a trading plan. He offered to pay me by the hour to help him out.  Because of this I discovered that students could start trading with a very small account.  This makes it an excellent market for both beginners and professional traders.

For the most part trading is a solitary activity and I discovered I really enjoy teaching what I know.  It’s really gratifying when one of my students “gets It” and starts making money consistently!

Now let me be right up front—I do not have the Holy Grail of Trading. I do not have a super secret trading method that is guaranteed to spit out money and put it in your bank account.  That being said, there are certain rules and methods which work with all freely traded financial markets. 

If you know and apply these rules on a consistent basis you will make money in the long term regardless of the overall economy. It doesn’t matter if you trade stocks, options, commodity futures or currencies.

I know these rules and have over thirty years of trading experience.  In a few hours of one-to-one, personal training I can teach you how to trade profitably.  Whether you are a beginner or have years of trading experience I believe I can help you trade profitably.

What I can do is teach you how to develop your own trading strategy, money management rules, and psychological mind set to become a successful trader, regardless of what market you want to trade.  I can also direct you to other resources and teachers in order to help you to become a better trader.