We only keep data which you provide for contacting you regarding our services, data needed for billing purposes, and data needed to properly render service to you.  We do not share your data with any third parties.  We are not responsible for what Google, Internet Service Providers, and other snoopers may do with whatever data they acquire.  We do our best to keep this site secure and our SSL certificate current.

We do our best to protect any data in our possession by maintaining as secure office, using appropriate data security, and regular review of security policies.

 The hosting service that hosts our website automatically puts cookies on your computer.  We don’t use them for anything so feel free to delete  them.

Through our hosting service we may collect other information such as your IP address which may be used for security purposes or diagnosing technology problems. General information about site visits is collected by our web hosting service for site analytics.

 If we ever have links to any third parties on the website, or if we send you any links or referrals to third party websites, the privacy policy of those websites would be in effect.  This privacy policy does not apply to third party websites and we are not responsible for the privacy policy of those websites operated by third parties.  We are also not responsible for products or services provided by third parties.

We do not keep any personal or customer data on this website.  Any forms completed must be mailed outside of the site.

In the event we have any of your personal information, on this site or in our office, you are entitled to a copy of it on request.  At any time you may contact us by email at  and request that all information related to you be deleted.  The only exception is if  we have a business agreement with you we must keep that for 5 years.

In the event that we are legally required to do do we would share any personal information on file with appropriate regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

Because of the requirements of GDPR we will not do business with any European Union Citizens or residents.

We do not do business with minors or anyone not legally competent to transact business.