Carpe Aurum…to seize the gold, the wealth.

Our unique perspective comes from decades of being deeply immersed in finance and the financial markets. Much of the knowledge has been gained through long hours of study of both texts and periodicals, attending countless courses and seminars, and the hard lessons gleaned from trading the live markets with our own money. Sad to say we have found that a lot of the courses, seminars, trading systems, and even live trading rooms are a waste of time and money. Yet, through constant marketing the same purveyors continue to sell, usually with a slick sales pitch and experienced telephone salesmen, the same garbage over and over.

The truth is that most of the good information is on the internet for free. The problem for the would-be student of the markets is discerning which is the good info & which is the stuff that doesn’t work. The secondary problem is that something that works very well for one person does not necessarily work for another. None, or almost none, of the major trainers, system developers, and “gurus” out there consider the effect of the individual trader’s personality on how they will successfully deal with the markets. Besides differing trading styles, there are also differences in how each individual learns. A one size fits all approach doesn’t consider that.

There are other coaches out there. A few of them are quite good. However, most of them are offering a pre-packaged coaching experience. That will work for many people, but not everyone, and certainly does not tend to provide that optimal outcome for the individual student.

Our goal is to offer individual coaching on a one to one basis that is tailored to the individual’s needs and learning style. We will endeavor to do this at a reasonable cost for a limited number of people at a time so that we have enough time to give each individual the time they need.

We always want to hear from you if you have ideas about improving the experience you have with us and any feedback you have on the site!